Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ep. 242 - Cash Only (The Landlord vs. High-Rise)

On this episode we travel to Brooklyn to look at a great real estate investment with one of the Fabulous Baker Boys in Hal Ashby’s first film THE LANDLORD. This little-seen gem which was out of circulation for decades goes up against new release HIGH-RISE in a look at the relationship between tenants and landlords in film. But first, an even newer release with CASH ONLY which you currently find on iTunes and other VOD services.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ep. 241 - The Lobster (Tigerland vs. In Bruges)

On this episode we celebrate two years of this podcast by traveling to an in between place with friend of the show Colin Farrell in the Joel Schumacher Vietnam war drama TIGERLAND and Martin McDonagh crime comedy classic IN BRUGES. This episode is not only a celebration of our podcast (in true War Machine vs. War Horse form we didn’t even show up to our own party) as this is a lost episode we recorded a while back for THE LOBSTER which A24 picked up from the brink of not having a theatrical release, and is in limited release now.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ep. 240 - Bite (Very Bad Things vs. The Five-Year Engagement)

On this episode we try to talk Jon Favreau and Emily Blunt through their cold feet in two very different wedding comedies that share cases of body horror. In the Peter Berg film VERY BAD THINGS Favreau and his groomsmen led by Christian Slater dispose of a dead body on an ill-fated bachelor party in Las Vegas. In THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT Jason Segel loses a toe waiting around for his nuptials in the most-hated state of Michigan. This particular pairing has been inspired by new body-horror film BITE which you can now find on iTunes, Amazon, and other VOD services.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Ep. 239 - Green Room (Gimme Shelter vs. Grand Piano)

On this episode we welcome Non, host of thepodcast Joy Sandwich into our green room for an episode onmusical performers dealing with the threat of violence while theyperform. This theme inspires a double feature of The RollingStones documentary GIMME SHELTER and the Elijah Wood starring GRANDPIANO. Those two films face off in a conversation that includesMuppet matchmaking with co-host Shane Conner and our other guestPaula from the Tell Me Stories podcast. But before youfind out which piece of Muppet ass that Elijah Wood can crush,let’s talk about one of the best films of 2016: GREEN ROOM.

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